Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Welcome to my new followers and an apology for having nothing to post about  for some time. Life's just getting in the way of making minis.  I'm experimenting with new tools, but I've only got a few pictures of how far I've got with learning to decorate leather.

I bought the 'preeg' set (I can't find a translation for this word so if anyone knows, please let me know: it is embossing set! see the comments below) of 20 metal stamps with all the other bits you need, at the Apeldoorn show in the Easter holiday as well as the very thin brown leather.

I've made a table top even though I'm not quite happy with it. The edge is too fussy and I can't decide on how to finish the sides of the table top. Still working on a better design, so I'm using this one to work on some gold or silver decoration around the edge of the leather.
Some of the paper patterns are scattered around. I had to try all of the different stamps (they probably have a different name, but I can't think of it) as well as some combinations. Not all of them look good together. The table top, that might or might not turn into a table, is made of mahogany and a boxwood string, ebonised string and tulipwood inlay.

I'll try the decorating out on the black leather, even though it is much coarser than the brown leather, we are talking 0.8mm thickness for the black leather and paperthin for the brown leather, less than 0.1mm.

The Fleur de Lys in gold on the triangular bit of leather were my first tries. Not quite sure of the pattern yet, but as the edge is quite fussy, it will be quite simple. The pattern is done on paper first, so that is the next step. If I had had the opportunity, I would have done a course with Tine Krijnen, who was kind enough to show me the basics at the show!

This is the set I bought at the show in Apeldoorn and the outside of the box on the right, very pretty I think.

In the meantime, I am working on some full size pieces at pottery class. As they are meant to be presents, I can't show them to you until about the end of May, assuming they can be fired by then!

Happy mini-time!


  1. Hi Idske, I've got the same set from Tine, I took her leather tooling class a few months ago. Isn' t it fun to do? I still have not used them, but I am sure I will one day.

    Your table top looks great! I look forward to seeing it finished with some tooling on it.

    Isn't a ' preeg' an embossing tool?

  2. Bellissimo set si possono fare molte decorazioni!Penso che sia veramente utile, lo cercherò anch'io. Un saluto, Manu

  3. Hello Idske,
    The leather stamping looks like a great techinique and I think you are off to a good start.
    Big hug,

  4. Dear Idske,
    The brown leather looks amazing. I like to see the end result.
    Hugs Dorien

  5. Hi Idske, jij bent dus ook lekker van alles aan het uitdokteren? Ik vind het, net als jij, ook prettig om daar de tijd voor te nemen. Dan kunnen we daarna fijn meegenieten van je werk en probeersels. Ik had nog nooit van een preegset gehoord, is het om leer van boeken te decoreren, als ik het goed begrijp?
    Mooi kistje van die set. Ik denk dat een cursus misschien wel goed zou zijn geweest, maar dan moet je daar ook net voor in de gelegenheid zijn.
    Dat tafelblad vind ik er trouwens helemaal niet zo slecht uit zien, hoor, niet te streng voor je zelf zijn ;)!
    Groetjes, Ilona

  6. I like your table top Idske and I don't think it is fussy at all, I think it is quite classy and elegant, for the sides I would use some of the tulip wood again.

    I love the embossing (English for preeg) set, I think I must e-mail her and ask her to keep one for me to pick up at the Rheda show, I will be there on the Sunday with Elly. And the stamps are called embossing stamps :-)

  7. Seu blog está lindo.
    adorei o passo a passo.

  8. Wow, that is some neat little set of preeg stempels :) Im a bit green of envy here! Amazing tools that i've used often in real life. Great to see Tine assembled a miniature version of them. And so pretty too, the box looks lovely as does the complete set inside! They are a wonderful way to decorate surfaces. Have fun getting to know them and work with 'm!

    I agree with you Elga, get your hands on a set if you can. Remind me to tell me if you've got a hold of it. I would love for you to show them when i see you in Castine.


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