Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Nearly there!

Just came back from a lovely afternoon with our club working on all of our exhibits!

This will be mine

Sorry for the weird angle, I only had one photo and most of the pots are back in their transportation boxes and setting it all up again will take some time.   I forgot to bring the tulip vase to the club afternoon, but it will go in for the exhibition on 12th July, not quite sure where but it's amazing how much fits in a space that is in part 7cm deep and in part only 14cm!

Just the electrics to finish and a lampshade for the blue and white bead-lamp on the left on the shelf. Oh, and a handrail on the steps and possibly some plants in front of the shop...

The new pots are all on the shelves on the left hand side in the shop.  The six pots I had decorated at home have turned out to be black, or rather gray and white. I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or not... But the glaze is very nice and crackled!

Hope you like it!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I'm on a roll

Just got back from pottery class. Everybody seemed to be having a great time and doing some of the best pots they had ever done, me included!

Six pots decorated at home before the class and another two that were bisque fired last week. Glazed them, which is a lot easier when they are stuck to these sticks with some glue dots... They should all be fired by next Tuesday!

There were also another three finished, with a penny to show the size.  These are earthenware pots. All the others I have on the go at the moment are made of porcelain.  I will have to put some extra shelving in the Old Pottery to display them all!

In the background a hint of the new tulip vase and another of version of the vase in the middle. I'm getting better at putting a rim on these little vases. Just compare the one in the foreground to the new one in the background...

Happy mini-time,  Idske

Sunday, 1 June 2014

2 Shop Fronts

Admittedly, I got lots of advice on my previous post, not to redo the brickwork, but I suppose I had already sort of decided that it wasn't good enough. It didn't look like any of the pretty village shops we have around here. Even the brick pattern wasn't right...

I did take your advice and I really tried to colour the brickwork, a bit like stencilling with very little paint on the brush and this worked on the side of the box, but on the front some of the bricks came off. I glued some back on, but it just became a ridiculous job.

Then I remembered that I should have another box file lid, as the shop is made of 2 boxes to provide extra depth for some furniture. The door wasn't fixed in place yet and the window came away with very little effort. Decision made, I had to find the other lid.

You would think that something that big was easy to find, but not in the mess in my dining room. I had unpacked the cupboard with most of my mini supplies to move it away from the wall when this wall got soaking wet this winter and turned all mouldy. It's been drying out ever since the wall was repointed, with a dehumidifier on 24/7. One thing led to another and I ended up painting 2 of the walls, moving the cupboard back and sorting through almost all of my mini supplies. Of course, the box file lid was in one of the last boxes!

So over the last 4 days, this is the result of  about 10 hours of egg box brick making, glueing, painting and varnishing.

The sides are a bit red, but if it still bothers me next week, I'll do something about it, maybe...

And just to prove I now have 2 shop fronts:

Now I can concentrate on the very blue sign over the shop, which isn't what I had in mind, the handrail by the door and some more signs and a few flowerpots to finish off the outside. And then finishing off the inside and the lights. Nearly there!

All in all a very productive half term holiday!