Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Friday, 10 July 2015

For Drora!

Hello everyone and especially Drora!

I'm still around and hope to post some new pottery soon.  In the mean time I do read blogs and comment every now and then!

Drora posted about her visit to a care home.  What a wonderful thing to do!  Nowadays they make all sorts of gadgets to help stroke victims. My mum had a beautifully made bookstand that allowed for turning the pages with one hand.

Although I tried to describe the tray (something like it probably exists somewhere to buy too) that's not so easy in a box where you can only see 2 lines at a time and I promised Drora to do a little drawing. It's sort of a combination of a glueing jig and a bench hook.

It's really just a small board (6-12mm thickness) of about A4 size with 2,5x2,5cm batons glued onto it. Chunky batons is good as that makes it easier to handle with one hand. It shouldn't be higher than about 3.5-4cm to be comfortable under a less mobile hand. As long as the bottom baton is long enough to stop it from sliding away on the table it should work with a bit of practice. You put the side baton on the same side the paralysed hand so they can put this hand on top to hold their work down.

Who knows it might work for your ladies too, Drora!