Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pots and more from the kiln

The pottery class was lovely!  Lots of things were fired and I actually like them enough to consider them for the dollshouse. The lighting isn't great because it is definitely blue and white, not the almost black and yellow in the photos. I'll try again during the day, I was just too excited with the results, so this will have to do.
These tiles are for the kitchen, it's turning into a rather Dutch kitchen in my Georgian house, but I'll just have to invent a story to fit how that happened :)). I've made more of the corner tiles, which may be fired soon too. Another 3 on either side and the 4 missing ones in the middle and half a dozen extra, so I'll have a bit of choice!

All the finished items put together!

The dish is just about 2.5cm in diameter (1")

and the vase, which weighs just 2 grams is 2.5cm  (1") high and 3cm (1.25") diameter and the best one I've made so far!

I've also made a few flower basket tiles, but they don't have a home yet. 

Happy mini-time!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Oriental style rug update

Welcome to my new followers, thank you for taking an interest in my attempts at making miniatures!

Sorry I haven't posted for a few weeks, I've had the flu and have not been up to much of anything other than embroidering the rug. It's going much better than I expected and I won't need 400 hours, thankfully. I'm up to about 180 hours. It's very difficult to keep track of the exact amount of time, when you're also doing other things, such as cooking or watching TV. :))   Most of the rest I've still got to do is the background, which is quite boring, but you can also get on with it without having to look at the pattern all the time.

It's on 32 count joblean type fabric, in 225 rows of 185 cross stitches, which makes it just over 15x19cm (6x7.5 inches). This equates to a Real Life rug of about 180 x 230 cm (72x90 inches). Not huge, but that also means it won't cover up the pretty parquet flooring already in the room.  BTW I decided to change the colour of the walls (currently green) to either cream or a very very pale blue. That will make the panels with the cranes stand out much better. I posted about the crane paper in September 2012 and no I haven't made the panels yet.  Things will suddenly come together though, I'm sure-ish.

Happy mini-time!