Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Friday, 22 March 2013


I've been working on these tiles for about 2 months and finally after 3 firings I have enough of them! 
I had meant to do this when I passed the 50 followers about a month ago. 
So a bit late, but I hope you don't mind... 

They are earthenware tiles with under glaze hand painted decoration,
 after Dutch 17th century tiles.  

First there was a square of 9 tiles, but I think this will be easier to make into something!

Here are 15 tiles for one of you !

Rules: be a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post.
If you put it on your side bar you will have 2 chances to win!

The draw is on 14th April 2013!

Good luck,  Idske

Thursday, 7 March 2013

More tiles and my 'work space'

Is the blue better than in the previous post?
The tiles for the kitchen are all fired now and I really like them!  I've made another 10 or so of the corner tiles, just to have the choice of the best ones, as some of these are slightly too big. How much of a perfectionist will I allow myself to be?
Just to give an idea of the size 

I've also put some around the 2 flower baskets. Not quite sure what to do with these...

On several other blogs I've seen some fabulous work spaces. Mine is in the dining room and most of my supplies are in my grandmother's cupboard.  I like to work from a board that was originally meant to hold the wood lathe. It nice and heavy and doesn't move around with a cloth or place mat under it.  It could still be used for that, if only I could bring myself to tidy it all up.:))  The entire board fits under the cupboard and there is a small cupboard in the corner for the box shop.  I don't want to use power tools here so they have to stay in the kitchen, which isn't ideal as it's quite a task getting them out of their boxes and set up properly.
Although the dining room isn't a bad work space, I would love a room where I can have everything set up ready to use, including the table saw, scroll saw and lathe, space for glueing, drying, houses, roomboxes and anything else I could possibly think of!
Lola likes to sit in the middle of the table watching me just like this!
She's a seal point with blue eyes and has a very definite opinion on everything
Happy mini-time!