Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Friday, 23 January 2015

January Club class

A very long time ago (it seems to me) I agreed to do a class on veneering and stringing. I tried out several different tables. Some too ambitiously complicated or just to expensive to realise. I would have liked an opening hinged table with compartments, like a worktable my grandmother had. But in the end 2 club afternoons is just 4 to 5 hours!

In the Christmas holidays I cut all the parts and with some help from my eldest son we sorted everything into brown envelopes and then cut some spares (wish I'd thought of that as I cut the kits) and on the second Thursday in January 16 club members started their projects. A few will hopefully start next month. or I'll have some to make myself.
This is the prototype I made. I would have done tapered legs, but cutting 80 of those just seemed a bit too much at 4 or 5 cuts each. Just imagine how long that would take...

The legs are from an online shop and I got a discount because I needed them for a club class. I noticed he was based in a town near here, and as I had forgotten to order then earlier I emailed and thankfully he had them in stock. I suppose not many people ask for 20 packs of 4 table legs and want them next day. The gods were with me as the owner turned out to be a parent at my school and had run a class for our club a few year ago.  I received a neat package on Monday having order on the Sunday before the class. Still not sure how I failed to notice that the kits didn't include any table legs....
Here are some photos of the progress- eh mess? - we made in January.

I only took these photos about half way through and failed to notice that some left early, but by the end of the afternoon most had finished the centre veneers on the table top and the drawer front, the table body and the drawer and some were working on the stringing.

I'm sure some members will finish the table in February, some may need to finish off at home, or at the March meeting. I hope I'll do better with taking photos in February!


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a great 2015!

Just reminding everyone and myself what summer looks like around here!

I've not been here a lot lately, but that is because I'm running a 2 session class for our club and I've been busy putting kits together. I should get the table legs on Monday at school. It's a 1/12th scale side table with a drawer, veneered all the way round and inlayed with boxwood stringing.

Can you believe that I've spent all this time putting the kits together, sawing all the parts, sorting veneers, stringing, drawer knobs etc and I've only just realised that I hadn't ordered the table legs! Thankfully Bromley Craft Products had enough of them in stock at He did a class for our club a few years ago.

I'll post some photos from our club afternoon,  assuming I have the time to take them....