Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Summer update

Hi everyone!

We have had a lovely summer here and have also been very busy! Sorry for the silence, I just didn't have time for miniatures. I have been reading many blogs, but commenting has also been a bit hit and miss. And yes, I did say I would have time for miniatures in the holidays,  but I'm back at work and nothing much has materialised.
I did finish the piano runner; it's on my niece's piano and it looks great. Just forgot to take a photo. This is the last photo I took when I had just finished the embroidery.

In the evenings I'm working on a full size quilt in creams, blues and pink roses to go in my younger son's bedroom, I started it over a year ago and it's time to finish it. I have too many UFOs both miniature and full size! I will keep the reverse in neutral, less girly tones, creams and blues only, so he can turn it over when he is here. He is going to university in about two weeks to study aerospace engineering. His older brother is moving to London next week. I loved having them both here for the summer and going to see the family together, but it will be quiet here when they have both moved out and even though I know they will be back, it is certainly something to get used to. Time to work on ideas for a proper work space...

Miniature wise, I will be concentrating on the pottery and the larger projects we are making with our club The pottery classes will be starting again on October 1st. The teacher told me there are some very nice pots from the last batch she has fired for me and I will get these back on 1st October, fingers crossed one of them is suitable for a giveaway...
I'm still sporadically working on the box file, because I haven't quite finished the exterior, but we are adding another project from September in the form of an attic for our exhibition next July.

Happy mini-time,