Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brickwork and pots

Hello all!

I'm sorry I'm taking so long between posts, life is getting in the way of miniatures at the moment. I have been trying to keep up with your blogs, though!  Always plenty of ideas to be found there!

Still, I have been working on The Old Pottery. The blue is a bit much, so I'll 'oldify' it a bit. I couldn't fit the previous name on the sign, so a fellow miniaturist at our club suggested this one. Nothing like being a bit pragmatic!

I decided to try out the egg carton brickwork and I like it much better than the brick paste on the front of the shop.  The brick paste looks more like a new build, than a really old shop...    The question is, can I remove the brick paste version without destroying the front, after all it's only cardboard. Also, I still have to make the railing on the steps and fix the lights, make some more table lamps and fit it all together...
Or, should I try colouring the shopfront like the paving?  If I do that, how is that done? Should I use pastels of can I use paint?  Do I need to seal it before using pastels or paint?  I just can't decide yet.

I'm also working on some more pots and a new tulip vase, all in porcelain. Had some disasters, such as a mould that I couldn't get the top of the vase out of, having to make several models of the base, too small or not level, they just didn't look right and of course knocking the almost finished vase over on the table. Before it's fired porcelain is very very fragile! The top was in pieces.
So I've just made another top and to be on the safe side, I also made another body and base. After all I might knock it over again!  In the mean time I have these 6 to decorate!

Hugs,    Idske