Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Friday, 6 July 2012

Room for more!

Rooms with lots of room for more ...

The outside is ok, although I'm still considering changing the front into brick. It's not quite this white, though.
 The kitchen with 2 of the walls taken out for refurbishment. That is where the Delft tiles will eventually go. The tub and chairs were gifts and I haven't done anything with them yet. Same with the sink, which needs a serious makeover.

<-  Ground floor

First/second floor landings ->

The dining room minus the table. I made it a long time ago and it was never how I wanted it. The chairs really belong in the kitchen and the revolving bookcase needs some books. A painting wouldn't go amiss either!

The most complete room, but still things like paintings, books and other items in the secretaire bookcase and some proper sofas/chairs will need to be added.  The whole wall with fireplace and bookcases is detachable, to get to the lighting or even more drastic refurbishing in the future.   It's quite telling that the Christmas stuff is still out...  The leather shoes were made at one of our club afternoons.

This room is still in the very early 'research' stages. I'm not sure what it is going to be yet, but I like the cupboard against the green. 

 The master bedroom. I made cream silk bedding and bed curtains and took it off again as it was the wrong colour against the wallpaper and carpet.  The bed was my first project using a scrollsaw and router for the headboard panels. The posts were bought online. It needs finishing as almost everything else does. The cupboard in the corner was my first attempt at wooden furniture and is a copy of a life size one I inherited from my grandmother. It now houses all of my boxes full of fabric, glues and paints, leather, wood, tools and many other things that might come in handy one day...

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  1. Leuk om te zien hoe "ver" je ermee bent! Je hebt nog genoeg werk om het te vullen met mooi werk van jezelf :D! Leuk dat we even bij je binnen mogen kijken, Idske!
    Fijn weekend. Groet, Ilona


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