Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Simple basket

Just a little update or it might seem I gave up after only a few posts!

My table saw had to go back to the supplier as I couldn't get the saw blade out and neither could anyone else who tried. They've just shipped it back to me with a few spare bolts to secure the blades. So now I can finally put a finer toothed saw blade in and get started on the next project. It now only has one problem left, that I hope they can fix by sending me a small part in the post.  Fingers crossed.

In the mean time, I am practising making simple baskets for the Club afternoon in July.   We have a 'dabble day' once a year where there are several tables set up to make a small item and I was volunteered to teach how to make a basket from stuff that everyone should have readily available. It had to be simple and do-able in an hour. No handles therefore, but I will add some instructions on how to make a basket with a handle.

Used some rather thick cotton, to finish it quickly.  I'll make a few more from different materials.  It is essentially made of card, cotton, a bit of gold thread and some string to cover the edge of the bottom bit of card.  I should have used a button or a thin oval of wood for the base, as it's a bit too flat.                            A slightly better view:

On a completely different track: I've seen lots of posts on the Guild School in Castine and how I would love to go there and come home with  the best thing I had ever made! There is so much to learn and such talented people who will share their knowledge and years of experience. Just a bit of a problem that I work in a school and can't take a holiday in term time.
But, one day I will get there!

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