Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Some of the delft tiles were fired already, not something I expected as the kiln is only fired if it's full. I have another 40 odd that still need firing, both whites and corner decorated.  I will then have a good 50 tiles to choose the best from. As you can see they are not all the same size, roughly 1cm square.  Another batch, in porcelain, is slightly bigger, more correctly sized to represent 15cm square tiles, that I can decorate with flowers or fruit baskets, I particularily like Makkum tiles. I think I'll leave the shepherd and shepherdess tiles until I get much better at miniature tile painting.

These tiles are my version of a 17th century Delft corner decoration.

I did notice on other blogs that the first room many miniaturists finish is the kitchen and I did the same, although the library was a close second. These tiles are meant to replace the 'not quite right' Fimo tiles I have already taken out as I really didn't like them.  I tend to change things as I make better things, that way I won't need another house as I don't have the space for another one. Except of course that maybe one day I will build a canal house, like the one in the dutch magazine...

 I haven't taken any good photos of the rooms in my house yet, but I'll keep trying.

Happy mini-ing,  Idske


  1. Love the tiles, well any blue and white porcelain actually, have lots in both the real and mini kitchen.

  2. The tiles look great! How wonderful that you can actually make them yourself as well as paint them. I take a miniature porcelain painting class about once a year and it is so much fun! But we only do the painting. This year we started painting a few tiles and we all liked them so much that next time we'll be painting soem tiles again.

    Your 'kast' looks really good as well! The old P&M magazines have some really good projects in them. The new ones not so much I think.

    I look forward to following your posts!

    1. Thanks Josje, I do agree about the P&M magazines. As I have almost all of them, I have years to go to make all of the ones I like!

      Making the tiles evenly without using a mould is a real challenge, they are a bit too variable at the moment, but I've made about 6 dozen so lots to choose from.

      Prachtige pioenrozen overigens!

  3. Prachtig tegelwerk, Idske! En ook al zelf gemaakt; jij kunt echt van alles! Ik zou me niet alleen tot het bewerken van hout beperken....als je (net als ik) van alles doet en je hebt je dag niet, kun je altijd iets anders doen :D!!
    Groet, Ilona

    1. Dank je wel voor je comments! Ik moet toch eens wat goede fotos maken van wat ik zoal gemaakt heb over de jaren. En die 'off' dagen heb ik zeker, dan val ik vaak terug op borduren en mijn andere hobby, quilten. Die tegeltjes, dat is een verhaal met een vervolg, die ik in een volgende post zal doen. Zoals je ziet is mijn nederlands een beetje 'verroest', en omdat ik hier alleen engelstalige vrienden heb, in een variatie van nationaliteiten, doe ik de posts maar in het engels.

  4. Hi Isdke,

    I love your tiles! I was just searching for information about making miniature Delft tiles and I saw your post.

    I don't have access to a kiln, unfortunately, so I'll have to do some creative thinking!

    Looking forward to your next post!


  5. Hi Jonquil,

    I'm experimenting with different clays and shapes. The pottery teacher says that we are adapting techniques to suit the small scale and it is quite different from the full size work she does. As I had no prior knowledge of pottery, it's all new to me and I just love it!

    At the moment I'm working on making moulds for slip casting a tulip vase, but I've only made 1 of 5 or 6 so far. It's rather ambitious and will take me a long time, but if you don't try you'll never get there, is my motto here. You really need a friend with a kiln and the knowledge, though.

    Hope you find the information you're after. There is the possibility of using already fired white tiles and use porcelain paints such as Pebeo that can be baked in your own oven at 150C. It's finding the tiles that is the challenge!



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