Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Yesterday my little wood lathe arrived!  Had to go out to get a board to fix it to, as it only weighs a few pounds. If need be I can clamp it to the dining room table. It also neatly collects the wood shavings. The edges of the board are a bit rough so another trip was for some simple mouldings and a pot of varnish to make it al a bit more user friendly.

After a few false starts, I made a centre post and three legs for it on the scroll saw, now just a top for it and I've got a little table. It's made of lime wood as that seemed a lot easier than mahogany or walnut, which I may try tomorrow.  I just meant to experiment a bit and to my surprise it didn't break. It's much too tall for a side table (almost 7cm) so maybe it could be a little wine table or I will have to cut it down to a more normal table height.  Unfortunately it's not quite tall enough for the embroidered panel which is also from a pattern in the 'Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen' magazine, I just take more than a few years to finish some of my projects..

Tomorrow I'll stain the centre post and experiment with table tops and do some more turning, perhaps some new feet for the 19th century cupboard or a taller post for the panel, so I can turn it into a fire screen.

I have just spotted Elga's latest post about her tilt top table and wow, that is something to aspire to!


  1. Hi Idske

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I use a duplicator for most of my turning, you cut a brass template and then you can turn perfect identical items, like the 20 legs I needed for the sewing tables. It is a lot quicker than hand turning but there are a few tricks in the whole process, later this year I will do a few more in depth posts on different techniques.

    Welcome to blogger land.

  2. I've got a micro wood lathe and the max it turns is 250mm length and it definitely doesn't turn brass. Who knows there might be a second hand metal lathe in my future?! More techniques is a great idea, but I suppose you need time for that and you seem a very busy lady!

    Thanks for my very first comment!

  3. The brass template is just a flat piece of brass cut with a jewelers saw to the same outline as your turning. You can see the idea here

    1. Thanks Elga, that is very helpful, many weeks of experimenting are next and I may have found someone who can teach me the basics, so that may also help.

  4. Hoi, dus Elga heb je ook al gevonden, dat is zo'n aardige vrouw. Kun je ontzettend veel van leren, maar dat weet je inmiddels al.
    Ik vergat te zeggen dat ik je kast in de vorige post prachtig vind, evenals je laatste werkstuk op de houtdraaibank nu. Voor alles geldt: oefenen!
    Groet, Ilona


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