Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Friday, 10 July 2015

For Drora!

Hello everyone and especially Drora!

I'm still around and hope to post some new pottery soon.  In the mean time I do read blogs and comment every now and then!

Drora posted about her visit to a care home.  What a wonderful thing to do!  Nowadays they make all sorts of gadgets to help stroke victims. My mum had a beautifully made bookstand that allowed for turning the pages with one hand.

Although I tried to describe the tray (something like it probably exists somewhere to buy too) that's not so easy in a box where you can only see 2 lines at a time and I promised Drora to do a little drawing. It's sort of a combination of a glueing jig and a bench hook.

It's really just a small board (6-12mm thickness) of about A4 size with 2,5x2,5cm batons glued onto it. Chunky batons is good as that makes it easier to handle with one hand. It shouldn't be higher than about 3.5-4cm to be comfortable under a less mobile hand. As long as the bottom baton is long enough to stop it from sliding away on the table it should work with a bit of practice. You put the side baton on the same side the paralysed hand so they can put this hand on top to hold their work down.

Who knows it might work for your ladies too, Drora!


  1. Hello Idske,
    What a great idea. I am sure many will be able to use it and make their hobby time more enjoyable.
    Big hug,

  2. Something isn't working properly. Drora sent a comment but I can't publish it. Here it is from the email blogger sends:

    Dear Idske,
    I'm looking at the drawing and think I understand what you mean. The tray slopes on one end
    on which the less mobile hand can rest. I took a shot of the drawing with my I-phone to show
    to the manager of the day care. Any help is welcome. The ladies are very sweet.
    Hugs, Drora

    I'm not sure what you mean with a slope. Like a bench hook it lies flat on the table with the front baton in front of the edge of the table. That prevents it from sliding away from the user. The batons on the top make a corner at the back they can use to hold whatever they are making by putting the paralysed hand on top. Hope that explains it better.


  3. I showed the drawing to a person who knows about aiding tools for the handicapped. He says this kind of staff are available here. There are food plates that can be fixed to the table in this manner. What I am trying to find is a easy way to fix one end of the work to the table so that the other end can be handled with the good hand. A solution is on the way.
    Thank you so much for your cooperation.
    Hugs, Drora


  4. Ha Idske! Hoe gaat het met je porselein? Heb je nog nieuwe stukken gemaakt? Ik zie je tekening van je bench hook, ik heb ook een paar van deze dingen. Enorm handig.
    Ik hoop binnenkort weer wat van je werk te zien op je blog. Fijne Kerstdagen!

    1. Hi Josje, ik heb nog wel wat nieuwe porcelain, maar alle hobby spullen zijn al 'in storage' want ik ga flink verbouwen. O.a. wordt de huidige eetkamer dan mijn werk kamer. Het dak moet ook vernieuwd dus nog even wachten tot het voor jaar, ook al is het nu wel 10 graden warmer dan normaal, dat blijft vast niet zo .
      Mijn pottery teacher is ermee opgehouden en ik mis het echt. Wie weet is het straks tijd voor mijn eigen wiel en oventje! Dat is als er nog wat centjes over blijven,haha!


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