Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The ...... Antiques shop?

I've agreed with a miniatures friend that it won't be called the boxfile anymore. Actually, I was told Not Ever to call it that again, or else... I should start treating it as the upmarket, really?, antiques shop it will eventually be. It still needs a name, though. Maybe once I get going on the outside, the name will suddenly reveal itself. Come to think of it, I've never done a project inside first, but this one just doesn't want to tell me what it wants to be on the outside.

The outside is giving me headaches! I took some photographs of the little garden corner I made last year. I still have some of the brick stuff left, and could give the antiques shop brick walls, but I also want to make steps up to the door, as it opens outwards, and that means it needs a pavement in front of the shop. The steps could be stone with railings on either side and the pavement brick, just like the village High Street here.  Too much brick, maybe?

Wall detail with Freda's clematis

The inside is more or less decorated, now it's paintings, and some small items on a few shelves, books, linen in the cupboard and weird stuff in boxes on the floor to make it into more of an antiques shop and of course, lamps, candles and wall sconces to complete the inside.
The tulip vase looks quite at home in here. 
I've just realised that I have a pot of tulips in the garden corner that I could try out in the tulip vase. Got to run, I'm off to play...

Happy mini time,  Idske


  1. I love your beautiful Antiekwinkel, Idske, somehow I think a painted facade for such a small building with some gold lettering might be nice. Where were you born, maybe you could give the shop the name of the town or area that you were born in.

  2. Mooie antiek shop, Idske. Teveel bakstenen? Ja, maar als je genoeg andere elementen gebruikt, zoals Elga ook al voorstelt, dan kan het heel mooi bij elkaar. En lekker "gespeeld" met de tulpen ;)?! In je prachtige tulpenvaas zullen heel wat tulpen gaan, vermoed ik zo....
    Groetjes, Ilona

  3. Het ziet er geweldig uit Idske. Mooie Nederlandse antiekwinkel. Ik vind die tulpenvaas echt het meesterstuk.
    Groetjes Dorien

  4. The interior looks wonderful, especially with your tulip vase and other beautiful ceramics. The chairs too look in style. You could call the shop Old Times or Bygone Days. In Latin America Antiques shops were nearly always called ANTIGUIDADES and we loved saying the word over and over.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. The garden looks a bit like yours. Have you make a miniature bbq?

    1. Gosh that's an idea! A little Weber and/or the fire pit table. I've got some white metal sheet somewhere, hmm, worth a try!

  6. Thank you all for your encouragement!

    Elga, that is a good idea, there must be a shop facade somewhere in Amsterdam, where I was born, that I could use. But the name may have to be in English as we will be exhibiting these shops for a fundraising event. I like Drora's suggestions too.
    Dorien, It does look rather Dutch doesn't it? Dutch cupboard, Dutch chairs and Dutch tulip vase, hmmmm...
    Ilona, it only takes 12 tulips and I'll have to make some new ones as the red ones are too short, it was worth a try though!

    I have a plan:
    1. Find a picture of an antique shop in Amsterdam
    2. Make the steps with the railings (just so I can play with the soldering iron) so the door doesn't open into people's faces and make the pavement
    3. Put shelving in and add other small bits and pieces
    4. Decide on the outside and make it, just like that!

    Voila, a finished project, hahahahaha
    I wonder how long that will take......


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