Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Saturday, 21 January 2023


Is there anyone still on Blogger?  I am wondering whether to restart my blog after years of absence due to RL building works (finally finished in September 2022!) and some other very inconvenient things. I have since retired so I have finally got time for miniatures and started with an inventory of things to do, like finishing the dollshouse I started in 1992! Yes 30 years ago!

Other plans include a proper roombox for the antiques shop that I made in cardboard filing boxes around 2016-7, and more pottery and more order in the chaos of my workroom...

The list for the dollshouse is very long, so I'm working on putting that into some kind of order, so it's a workable plan, starting with improving the lighting. I recently completed a William Morris rug for the diningroom, which could do with arts and crafts furniture. There are 2 completely unfinished rooms and that can't stay that way.  You get the idea!

Happy mini time!


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