Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What else? more pots...

I've not had much time for miniatures except pottery. It works for me that I have a set time away from home, where I can concentrate on pottery only!
There are several new pots that might be good enough for a mould, and there are some more blue and white ones about to go in the kiln. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to take photos.

Except for these two! The bigger one is huge as 12th scale goes, about 2 inch high. They will shrink about 10-15% in the first firing.
And these in red and orange, they have been fired, but didn't come out as expected. A bit blotchy and thin in places so they will be refired with another layer of the glaze.
The lighter one will be very different when fired and the pink ones will be a warm red! I think that one of the most difficult parts of making tiny pottery is the glazing, it rarely turns out as expected. Still, I'm quite pleased with these!

Oh and I promise to take more photos!



  1. Hello Idske,
    The are coming along beautifully. You are very talented at pottery.
    Big hug,

  2. The pottery is so lovely. I would like to see the pink ones turn red after firing. More photos please :-) Beautiful work, Idske!

  3. Hi Idske! You Should Be Pleased with these pots as they are Fabulous! The walls are so thin looking and the shape of the pots are perfect! I admire this art form so much and even more so in miniature because being so small, people tend to look closer and longer and faults can become more obvious. But Your work is Wonderful! :D


  4. un trabajo muy bonito



  5. Great vases Idske! It must be a bit of an adventure to not quite know what they will look like after firing...

  6. Hi Idske! Een vriend van mij is ook pottenbakker en ik heb van hem begrepen dat de procedure van pottenbakken nog niet zo gemakkelijk is, als het allemaal lijkt. Met die glazuur is het inderdaad altijd een verrassing, maar het akn natuurlijk ook mooi uitpakken :D! Ik vind de eerste potten, ondanks dat ze wat groot zijn, erg mooi gemaakt.
    Groetjes, Ilona

  7. You should be pleased with them, they're lovely. How on earth do you handle them without squishing them? (which I would do)


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