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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pottery class!

The piano runner is coming along nicely (I'm almost half way) and that is taking a lot of my mini-time. I am trying to stay up to date with all of your posts! With all of the RL stuff, the boys, the garden, the house and work, I haven't had much mini stuff to post about. Just too busy.

I made RL bowls for my sisters (and one for myself) just before half term, but the last few weeks have been a bit of a production line with the miniature pots. There are still a few that haven't been bisque fired yet. No idea where they are, I had so much to decorate that I didn't even look for them.  I still have one more class before the summer holidays to finish decorating them and then glaze them all.
The 4 on the left are decorated, although I'm not sure about the plate, the rest have had a wash applied and it works much better for the final decorating session if the wash is bone dry.  By the way the pink decoration will turn a slightly lighter blue than the black decoration which is cobalt and will also turn blue.  So lots of white and blue china.

Just for fun we tried one of my pots out on the almost finished lamp base Beverly is making in the same class.
That puts it in perspective, doesn't it. To make the small ones takes just as long as the really big pots and the decorating takes a lot longer.

It's finally summer here so here are a few pics from my garden...

The scented rambler rose

A climbing old English rose 

This is a hybrid tea rose rescued from the very overgrown rose bed that was in the garden when I moved in. It was very old but actually seems happier in it's new spot!

AND I have cherries!!!

Only two more weeks until the end of term (not that I'm counting down, of course) and then I will definitely have / make more time for minis!



  1. Hi Idske!
    That looks just great and looking forward to how they will look when finished.
    Nice pic, the small one on top of the big one; I suspected the painting on a mini took longer, but never knew the actually making took that long.
    Interesting to know, it give another perspective.

    Your roses are beautiful; do they have thorns? My roses did not all survive winter and I am looking for thornless roses now :)

    Great to see you have your own cherries.
    I've had cherry trees in the garden of another house I lived in years ago.
    Home grown are the best!


  2. Hi Idske! Your pots are really lovely to see, even in their unfinished condition. They have beautiful shapes and they look proportionally balanced. I find it fascinating that you paint on a design in one color only to have it altered in the process of curing it and baking it in the kiln. I suppose that once you have done it enough then you would know what to expect, but this process is new to me and I find it most interesting to see how it is done.
    Your garden is soooo pretty! Your roses have beautiful blooms and I bet the fragrance is wonderful! Most of my fragrant roses have come and gone already and I just get a few blooms here and there, now that the first flush is over. While they were in bloom they were a sight to behold! For me they ended much to soon, so enjoy your roses and enjoy those juicy looking cherries! They look quite delicious!


  3. Your miniature pots are wonderful.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. Dear Idske.

    Lucky you. I don't have cherries. Our tree didn't like to give cherries this year. He dropped them all.

    Nice roses!!

    I like to see your pottery painted. I can't wait.

    Hugs Dorien

  5. Hello Idske,
    I look forward to seeing the runner. the pottery is coming along beautifully...that must have been so much fun.
    big hug,

  6. Your pottery looks lovely, Idske and seeing the small one on the big one is rather cool! Love all the beautiful roses in your garden, enjoy the cherries, they look real yummy.

  7. Ciao, I vasi e il piatto decorato sono molto belli, un ottimo lavoro!Le rose inoltre hanno delle tonalità stupende!Un caro saluto, Manu

  8. Gran trabajo, me encanta han salido fabulosos.
    Un abrazo.

  9. esas minis en ceramica tienen muy buena pinta, estoy deseando verlos terminados ,seguro que quedan geniales , las flores del jardin, una maravilla, gracias por compartirlas



  10. Le tue mini sono stupende!

  11. Hi Idske, Elizabeth of StudioE said I should look,at your pottery. Very fine work , congratulations. I look forward to seeing the final glaze. I am sure your fellow potters in your class must be very interested in what you are producing!
    Hope you have had a wonderful summer.
    Regards Janine

  12. Hi Janine,

    I think they are more bemused at this weird hobby of mine. Some are trying to make things as big as will fit in the kiln. Mine always fit in around the base of other pots:)



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