Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pottery class

Just some photos of pottery class (taken by pottery teacher Yolande Beer)

to prove it was me making the mess,
the clay next to the water pot is the
remains of failed pots
Very messy!
These small tools are just great to work with in this scale!
I really enjoyed last night's class and Yolande's encouragement when things fail miserably is essential! Next week I'll tidy up the bottom of the pots and then they can dry out and I can start thinking about decorating them.

I might also get to try slip casting from the moulds I made before the summer holidays...



  1. How fun! I look forward to the finished pots! :]

  2. Hi! Wat leuk om jou(?) aan het werk te zien, je "bakt" er best wat van zo te zien. Ik doe het je in ieder geval niet na, hoor ;)!! Het zal me benieuwen hoe de potten er uiteindelijk uit zullen zien.
    Groetjes, Ilona

  3. I've been wanting to take a pottery class myself. :D Your little pots look great! I will be looking forward to more!

    1. Hi Kathi, I'm having so much fun with the pottery, you can see progress with every session. It takes a lot more strength than I thought to keep my hands still to center the clay and mastering that will take me quite a bit more time, years probably. For every little pot that looks half decent I've ruined a least 3 others! Thankfully you can keep reusing the clay...

  4. ¡Que hermosos recuerdos! mi gran pasión siempre fue la cerámica, llegaron los niños y lo aparque, pues con ellos era imposible, entre medio surgió las minis, y me ha hecho muy feliz ver de nuevo como tu lo estás disfrutando, besos:)

  5. I so agree, I almost stopped with minis for about 15 years while my boys were growing up. One is now at university, the other in his last year at secondary school. So I have time for both minis and pottery again! Pottery is so enjoyable and I love that you get good results with only a few months of practice. I'm sure I will also do some full size pieces.

    Thank you for commenting, it's quite thrilling to see that someone is reading my ramblings!


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