Club project - shop box

Club project - shop box

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Japanese room

My ideas for the Japanese room are taking shape. There will be panels with the cranes on the walls all around the room and I'll change the colour of the walls to a pale blue and darker blue around the panels - still working on the right look....

As I was looking for the next embroidery project, as the hunting scene is almost finished, I have spent ages figuring out a Japanese style pattern, having looked at loads of examples on Google images. I have used KG-Chart LE (freeware).

It is a bit big on the 30ct fabric I have. It is 200x270 stitches which totals 54000 stitches and would be about 17x23cm. It would almost fill the entire room, which has a very pretty parquet floor that I don't want to cover up entirely. Also it might be too busy with the 4 branches on it, not very Japanese, I think, so I'm going to reduce it in size and reduce it to 2 branches, even though it took many hours to make the 4 branches look right. Not to mention how many hours it would take to embroider it all!

Any comments are welcome, as well as suggestions on colours. I ended up with blues because of the crane wall panels with blue background.  I have tried it in greens/browns, but the software has only very small blocks of colour to choose from and I couldn't get it right. They are all DMC colours. I might also try it in creams/golds/whites and a hint of pink on the flowers?  

Better to get it right on the pattern than having to unpick it!

Happy mini-ing!   Idske


  1. Hi Idske! Wat een prachtig ontwerp, maar je hebt gelijk wat betreft de kleur en de hoeveelheid takken. Japanse inrichting heeft minimalisme: een mooi summier strak ontwerp en ze gebruiken vaak natuurlijk ogende kleuren. Ze hechten veel betekenis aan de natuur vanuit hun geloof. Ik hoop dat je hier wat aan hebt?
    Groetjes, Ilona

  2. Ik zie net bij het achterlaten van m'n reactie, dat je word-verification er nog op zit. Net als jij heb ik het ook verwijderd, vreselijk lastig is dat voor velen. Even bij instellingen bij word-verification kijken en "nee" aanvinken, daarna OPSLAAN als nieuwe instelling, anders blijft het probleem van geen reacties te kunnen krijgen bestaan!
    Groet, Ilona


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